Pocean Surf school and Academy Ericeira

The spectacular seafront location on Ribeira d’Ilhas beach is a perfect setting for Pure Ocean surf school.

The school is for beginners, advanced and competition surfers. Teachers are certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation and aim to give a unique, fun and unforgettable Surfing experience.

Most courses take place at internationally recognized as one of the best Surfing spots in Europe and part of the world surf reserve Ericeira, designated by the Save the Waves Coalition.

No matter what skills you have the school has trainers that will be able to match your level. Their motto is "there’s only one life and we should enjoy it. Preferably… Surfing!"

The kids beginner surf classes
Increase Your Child’s Ocean Experience, we offer the most fun, safe and educational surf class ever for students ages 6 and older.

Group Lessons - Perfecting your skills
If you already know the basics of surf or have ended the beginner lessons your next step is perfecting you skills. In this class maneuvers is main objective. Not just performing them in the water but get the ability to see the movement of each wave and the best place to maneuver. For groups of five to six people, are ideal for people who love meeting new people and sharing new experiences.

Get ready for Competition - Private lessons
The final lessons will give you the knowledge of how to participate in both national and international competitions. Through recordings, technical training and psychological coaching you will be prepared for competitions. The level at which a student enters is determined by the Academy’s Direction, after careful analysis of the students’ skills. No matter your skill level, you will learn the basics of board handling, positioning, paddling and surfing.