Best Ericeira Hotels by location or style

The guide will show you the best Ericeira hotels and we want to show you our preferred hotels on different styles and of course the best location! Believe us, you will not regret our choices.

You and the sea Aparthotel, Ericeira Portugal

You and the sea aparthotel is located near Ericeira's Praia do Sul(south beach) and offers top class experiences like surf, spa and yoga.

Hotel Pedro O Pescador Ericeira Portugal

PEDRO O PESCADOR is a 25 bedroom Hotel situated about 300 meters from the beach.

Villa Ana Margarida Hotel Ericeira Portugal

Villa Ana Margarida Hotel is situated in the centre of Ericeira. The décor is local style with a twist which makes your stay unique.

Hotel Vila Gale Ericeira Portugal

Vila Gale Ericeira is only 30 minutes from Lisbon, with direct access by motorway, the hotel offers four different room types, including rooms with balcony and sea view.

Reserva FLH Hotels Ericeira Portugal

FLH Hotels Ericeira is located on the street Calcada da Baleia. The hotel provides a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi is available throughout the hotel.

Hotel Camarao Ericeira Portugal

The Camarão Hotel, located in Ericeira village, is a family hotel that provides their guests many entertainment and cultural activities in the surround area.