Where to book Ericeira Car rental, we recommend from Lisbon airport. There are very few car rental agencies in Ericeira, but if you consider car hire, we recomend renting in Lisbon airport. That way you have access to car during the entire stay and avoid the hassle with taxi or bus transfer. Use the search engine above to search for the latest deals on rental cars - If you have a preference for a special brand like europcar then click on their logo.

Frequently Asked Questions about car hire Ericeira

Yes. You can make a Ericeira car rental booking without a credit card. Please note, that even if you choose to pay by debit card, you will have to provide a valid credit card in the driver’s name at the time of pick-up. This is because the rental agent requires a credit card from which to take the rental deposit. Credit cards accepted for pick-up are MasterCard, Visa, and, in some cases, American Express.
No. A copy of your licence will not be accepted by the car rental agent. The original document must be presented at pick-up.
If your licence is not printed in the Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese) you will need to bring an international driving licence and your domestic licence. If you are renting abroad (outside the EU), an international drivers licence is usually required regardless of the alphabet. International driver's licences must be accompanied by the original domestic licence of the driver.
The fuel policy is determined by the car rental agent and in most cases is also dependent on the rental duration. There are different types of fuel policies and we will clearly state which one applies at the time of booking. The most common fuel policies are: Pick up full, return empty – Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and can be returned empty. On pick-up, the rental agent will charge you for a full tank of fuel. The price per litre charged by the rental agent may be higher than the price at the local service station. Fuel charges are payable at the rental counter. There is no refund for unused fuel. Pick up full, return full – Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. To avoid incurring fuel charges you will need to return it full. You may be required to leave a fuel deposit reserved on your credit card that will be released when you return the car full. Missing fuel will be charged on your return. Please note that the price per litre charged by the rental agent may be significantly higher than the price at the local service station. Fuel charges are payable at the rental desk unless otherwise stated. This fuel policy may also be referred to as Pick up quarter full, return quarter full or Pick up half full, return half full. Pre Purchase Fuel with Partial Refund – Your car will be provided with a full tank of fuel for which you will need to leave a deposit at the rental desk. Upon return of the car you will be refunded for the unused fuel and charged an admin fee. Please find the fuel admin fee charge in the above paragraph . The admin fee is non-refundable regardless of the amount of fuel upon return. The admin fee may fluctuate depending on car rental supplier. We recommend checking the policy details during the booking process under Rental Conditions to avoid unexpected charges.
Luggage capacity will vary depending on the vehicle you select. The maximum luggage capacity is displayed at time of booking. It is important that you do not exceed the capacity of luggage specified in the booking. • If you are travelling with excess luggage, such as large suitcases, golf clubs, wheelchairs, skis, pushchairs, etc., it is essential that you call the local transport provider at the time of booking to make them aware of this, as extra charges may apply. • Extra transport may be required if you fail to advise the local transport provider of excess luggage. This will result in additional local charges. • If you need further clarification, please call the local transport provider using the number on your voucher to ensure there are no complications on your arrival.
During the booking process, we will display images of similar cars in the same category. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the car rental agent will have the exact same model available. However, you are entitled to a vehicle in the same category, holding the same amount of passengers and with the same luggage capacity. If the car rental agent does not provide you with a car of the same category, you are entitled to a refund. In some circumstances, the car rental provider may be providing us with a special offer that guarantees the make and model that is displayed in the search results. If this is the case then this will be tagged beside the price of that car.
If the reserved vehicle is in a bad condition at pick-up, raise this issue with the car rental agent immediately and request an alternative.
We highly recommend that you thoroughly check the car for any imperfections at time of pick up and notify the car rental supplier of any issues immediately. If you notice that the reserved vehicle is damaged at pick-up, raise this issue with the car rental agent immediately and request an alternative. If the matter is not resolved, contact us so we can try and arrange a suitable substitute with the car rental agent. Any damages on the car might affect your excess if not addressed before the rental.
Yes, in most cases the car rental agent will charge an extra fee if you wish to return the vehicle at a different location. It will clearly be state whether the one-way fee is included in the rental price or what additional cost may arise at the time of booking.
This depends on the car rental agent. It will be stated whether unlimited mileage is included in the price or not at the time of booking under rental conditions. If it is a limited mileage product then we will state the charges in the rental conditions.